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“Roussos Leonardos – Mechanical Engineering applications” Company, in Syros, is active in planning, design, installation and support of air conditioning systems: cooling and heating. The design and installation of water-cooled and ventilation systems as well as renewable energy systems are part of “Roussos Leonardos” activities. Based on our long experience, since 1990, and our trained staff with a high technical competence, our target is to support, promptly and effectively, our customers throughout the whole period of our cooperation. At “Roussos Leonardos”, in Syros, we are unique due to our expertise and high quality services, our continuous growing range of products and our competitive prices. Specifically, regarding our prices, the price-performance ratio is our company advantage as well as our collaboration with the most reputable companies in the world.

​Our company is an authorized partner of “Climaveneta”, which is the largest manufacturer of central heating and air conditioning systems in Europe.

You can rely on us to make your house or your business facility the ideal place for all seasons! “Roussos Leonardos”, in Syros, is staffed with two experienced Mechanical Engineers who collaborate, on a full time basis, with three additional Engineers. Our permanent staff includes, as well, four thermohydraulic technicians, three refrigeration technicians, three electricians and one swimming pool technician. Our team has studied and designed all the air-conditioning specifications and prerequisites needed for successful installations in houses, cottages and business premises. Thus, we can cope consistently with every project we undertake: from the design and installation of central or semi-central cooling & heating systems, the installation of a split unit in a room or a solar water heater up to the complete installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems in business premises. Whatever your requirements and needs are, including the peculiarities of your space, just contact us. In fact, if you want to change your traditional heating system, as part of your home renovation, our consultants can propose (besides the traditional air conditioners) alternative solutions such as the heat pumps, the underfloor heating & refreshing systems which provide substantial energy saving.




“Roussos Leonardos – Mechanical Engineering applications” Company undertakes the design of projects either in the public or the private sector. Briefly, we are active in the following Designs and Supervisions:

√ Heating – Air Conditioning
√ Environmental impacts 
√ Energy Efficiency Designs – Certificate Issue
√ Renewable Energy Designs, etc. 


Our company is trying to meet all the market requirements by providing reliable products at affordable prices and environmentally friendly. For this reason, we represent reputable companies, with extensive experience and knowledge in this specific market, to cover all our product ranges: 

● Central Heating – Plumbing

● Air Conditioning - Ventilation

● Hot Water Production

Installation - Maintenance

We provide integrated installation and maintenance services in the electomechanical installations sector for residences and commercial buildings plus After-Sales Services.
● Air Conditioning & Heating Systems Installations 

√ Air Conditioning - Refreshing
√ Central heating
√ Floor - Underfloor heating
√ Electrical heating
√ Energy saving

● Annual maintenance contracts (preventive, repair) and troubleshooting
√ Water boilers
√ Central Cooling - Air Conditioning Installations

● Replacements - Repairs - Enhancement of Electromechanical equipment

√ Boilers - Burners
√ Electric Radiators 
√ Water heaters
√ Hot water exchangers
√ Heating Collectors
√ Water Supply Pipe Networks
√ Coolant Pipe Networks 
√ Air Conditioning Units - Fan Coil Units
√ Oil Tanks
● Energy Saving / Resources
Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges is the responsible use of the precious energy resources of the planet. The equipment either using renewable energy sources or helping to save valuable resources are protecting the environment effectively and economically.

√ Photovoltaics
√ Wood boilers
√ Pellet boilers
√ Solid fuel boilers
√ Fireplace heat exchangers
√ Solar hot water production systems  
√ Biological treatment
√ Solar Water Heater 

Our company has a wealth of experience in the design and supervision of projects in the private & public sectors
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“Roussos Leonardos
Mechanical Engineering applications”

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